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Learn About Website Hosting

Web Hosting

Before visitors can view your website, it must be published on a webserver.

This is done by uploading all the files of your website. Webpages are made up of HTML and JavaScript, and images and videos and fonts. All of these must be uploaded to your web host so that they can be accessed by your visitors.

A web hosting service provides the space for these files, and allows them to be accessed over the Internet.

Your web hosting service thus plays an important role, in how well your website will function.

Everything from the servers and hardware that are used to the software that is implemented can affect the browsing experience of your web visitors.

So whats important when choosing hosting?

Speed Your website needs to load quickly; if not, people will
click away from your website more often (known as having a
“high bounce rate”), and search engines will rank your website lower in the search results. Thus, slow speed gives a poor visitor
experience and hurts your search engine rankings.

Stability If your website isn’t stable and reliable, in other
words, if it ever goes offline or doesn’t load properly, you risk
losing business. Good hosting solutions have multiple systems in place to ensure uptime, overall stability, and reliability.


Security As publicized data breaches have reminded us all
too well, hackers are a constant threat to websites. They seek to steal personal or financial information, hold the computer hostage for ransom, or take it over to use for attacks on other computers. Like being a victim of a traumatic home invasion, a
successful website hack can leave your website a mess and
your reputation in shambles.

Scalability As your website popularity grows, you need the
machine that runs your website (your host/servers) to grow with you (otherwise speed and stability will become an issue).
Hosting solutions that are set up to support your growth will
have infrastructure in place ready for you to leverage when the time comes.

Sterility A ‘sterile’ web neighborhood is one that is free from undesirable websites. Just like you’d like your home to be free from germs, your website will only perform at its best if the
servers that host it are also free from germs. For best website performance, you need to ensure that your website isn’t sharing
servers with porn websites , gambling websites, pharma websites, and “junk” websites (while not always the case, these junk websites often use extensions such as .ru (Russia), .cn (China)

We provide customized solutions to all our clients, and makesure that their website operates with Speed, Stability, Security,Sterility and the ability to Scale.


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